Accreditation Board for International Services (ABIS)

Accreditation Board for International Services (ABIS) will provide service to the satisfaction of its customers in accordance with the national and international norms. It is committed to provide equal opportunity to all the applicants with highest regard to transparency, integrity, and confidentiality.

What Is Accreditation

"To give trust or confidence to: to vouch for; to recommend; to furnish with credentials, as an envoy or ambassador".

Why Seek Accreditation

ABIS accepts applications for accreditation from Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) (referred as an Applicant) around the world.

How To Become Accredited

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Benefits of Accreditation

Confidence in the market place and in our public services is essential. Trust is placed in the products and services on offer often without a second thought by the customer, such are the regulations and standards against which products are manufactured and services provided. ABIS accreditation ensures that certificates and test results are acceptable worldwide. Accreditation eliminates the need for multiple assessments when goods cross frontiers, giving Irish industry the best competitive advantage possible in what is an ever-expanding and aggressive marketplace.

QMS ISO 9001

EMS ISO 14001

OHSAS 45001

FSMS 22000

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